Video Marketing- James Wedmore Jump Cut Video : James Wedmore Teaches The Jump Cut

Video Marketing- James Wedmore Jump Cut Video

The Jump Cut is an easy way for talent to complete a video.┬áIt’s also far easier to have someone else read off your scripts without you having to memorize or ramble!

Here is a simple 3-step strategy for jump cutting your videos:

1. Write Your Script
ALWAYS start here. The more time you spend planning & scripting, the BETTER your video will become!

2. Separate Each Line
It’s good to note where each “line break” will be for your jump cuts. What sentence(s) will you say together, and which ones will you cut on?

3. Record Each Line
No need to memorize here. Just say your script line by line into the camera. The trick here is to say each line a few times so you have a few shots to choose from.

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