Video Production- Fund Raising Video : MaDonna Grimes - The Queen of Hip Hop

Video Production- Fund Raising Video

Video Production- Fund Raising Video

A tribute to MaDonna Grimes:  Known as the “Queen” around the world, MaDonna Grimes has taught, choreographed, and performed across the globe. MG continues to tour with her World Dance Competitions while inspiring dance and fitness enthusiasts. She was not only a cover girl for Flex, Her, Glamour, Allure and many other magazines; she held the titles of “Miss Fitness America, Miss Fitness International and USA Aerobics Champion” .MaDonna was also the honored recipient of the NAACP Best Choreography Theater Award. MG moves gracefully from acting to hosting. She has hosted for ESPN, BET and many other networks. She was most recently seen on two of her own dance shows for Fit TV. She is owner of the “MaDonna Grimes Dance Fitness Studio” in Hollywood, author of “Work It Out” and has 22 Dance and Fitness videos on the market.

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